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What is Black Love Day?

Black Love Day was developed by a community leader in Washington D.C named Ayo Handy-Kendi in 1993.  This holiday was created as a day of healing for the African-American community.  It is a day to come together to learn to love ourselves, by healing the traumas endured and passed down  through generations.  It is also a time to heal the racial strife and injustice that exists, by taking positive steps to heal the effects of trauma.

The Five Tenets of Black Love Day are:

Love for the Creator/Mother Nature

            Love for Self

                        Love for Family

                                    Love for the Black Community

                                                      Love for the Black Race

Black Love Day is an official African American Holiday celebrated annually on February 13.  It is my hope that over the course of a year we will learn our history in order to understand how we came to be where we are today, that we share our experiences and use healthy strategies for ourselves, our families and communities to effect positive change.   On Black Love Day we can come together to celebrate our successes over the course of the year.  We can also set our goals and intentions as we continue our healing journey.

It is important to understand that Black Love Day is not just for African Americans but for all ethnicity's to learn, understand, heal and grow from the false belief that there is more than one race.  The fact is there is no medical definition of race.  Race or racism is a social / artificial construct created by people in power.

You can celebrate black love day, as an individual, as a family, in your community or host a public celebration.


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