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30 Days of Raw Food and Mindfulness is our version of the Raw for 30 Challenge to which we have added mindfulness practices.

Eating raw foods is an amazing way to rejuvenate your body on a cellular level and provides you with necessary:

  • l enzymes
  • l Nutrients
  • l  antioxidants
  • l vitamins
  • l fiber and more.


Eating raw is also a great way to:

  • l Feel more energized
  • l cleanse your body of dead cells and toxins
  • l reduce inflammation


Mindfulness, in a nutshell, is being fully conscious or aware of what is happening in the present moment.

We have incorporated mindfulness practices into this challenge as a way to support you with completing the 30 Days of Raw Food Challenge. It can be stressful to shift how and what you eat and we hope to alleviate some of that stress.


The 30 Days of Raw Food and Mindfulness Challenge is self-directed with support from us via our Facebook Group and a 31 page eGuide that we created that you can purchase for $5. The eGuide has some great information to help you get started.

We will be posting to our Facebook Group and Page daily and would love for you to post about your experience as well as any questions you may have. You are welcome to start anywhere along the journey and choose what percentage of raw food you would like to commit to eating.







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